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Odacova's blog for all the behind-the-scenes info about JoyofSpex, the site, the girls, and what its like to be a photographer in the adult industry.

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'Spexy Friends': 50
Total Pictures: 6252
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Candy's Bedroom
01.05.2009 :: 69 Images
Candy's Bedroom
This is a set of images taken in Candy's real actual bedroom. We showed up with cameras and she showed us everything we wanted to see. :-)
12.29.2008 :: 1 movie
Candy's Introduction
Candy introduces herself, talks a lot about her glasses, and a lot about the kind of sex she likes to have. Then she shows us how she masturbates. Her orgasms are nice, long, and quiet!
12.22.2008 :: 1 movie
Carmen's Strip Tease
Carmen does a strip tease for us (and you!) in this video. We went to her house to shoot it! Her ass is still pretty damn perfect, don't you think?
Chanta Rose
12.15.2008 :: 1 video
Sexy Chanta Rose Talks Dirty
Chanta Rose wanted us to help her make a video for her man, who was away for a while. So in this video she talks really dirty and encourages him to take his cock out and stroke along with the video. Hot.
12.08.2008 :: 1 video
Anna Demonstrates Her Addictive Toy
Anna came over and brought her favorite friend, her Hitachi magic wand! She talks about how she is addicted to it, and how she's been totally abusing it so much that she had to 'break up' with it for a while.
12.01.2008 :: 1 video
Pip Gets Nekkid
We asked Pip to take off her clothes so she could show us every little inch of her body. She did as requested and we got in close to all the hot spots!
Cleis Talks Nice, Then Gets Naughty
11.24.2008 :: 1 Video
Cleis Talks Nice, Then Gets Naughty
Ahh Cleis. How we love you. So nerdy smart and cute. So innocent-looking on the outside, but oh-so-naughty on the inside. This video pretty much sums it all up perfectly.
11.17.2008 :: 1 movie
Tell Us What You Like, Carmen!
Carmen sure knows exactly what she likes, and isn't afraid to tell you. In this video, she gives you all the information you need to win her heart... and her pussy!
Anna Gets Undressed, then Dressed Again
11.10.2008 :: 1 video
Anna Gets Undressed, then Dressed Again
While Anna was over at our place, we thought it would be fun if we shot video of her changing outfits. We told her to go slow so we could zoom in on all of those yummy parts of her.
Penny Talks
11.03.2008 :: 1 Video
Penny Talks
While we were over at Penny's house, we thought we would point the video camera at her and ask a few questions. Glasses, yes. Turn-ons, yes. Wildly intense masturbation scene, YES.
10.27.2008 :: 1 video
Meeting Pip
Pip jumped on her bike and rode over to our place just so we could shoot some naughty porn together. Here she talks about her glasses, and then gets into the sexy stuff.
10.20.2008 :: 1 video
Our First Video with Anna
Anna is pretty popular with us nerds because she's one of us! This video was the first one we ever shot, and she gives us a great into what turns her on and gets her off.
Cleis Gets Naked
10.13.2008 :: 1 Video
Cleis Shows Off
If you like girls who shave, you probably won't like Cleis! She's totally unshaven, really nerdy and smart, silly and fun, and cute cute cute!! In this video she strips off her clothes and gives us a tour of her (unshaved) body.
Chanta Rose
10.6.2008 :: 1 video
Intro to Chanta Rose
Chanta Rose talks all about her glasses, and then gives us the explicit details about what gets her off in her own personal sex life. This girl-in-glasses is any man's dream. After she gets us all worked up, she shows us how she likes to get herself off with some hardcore masturbating!
Roxxie and Jerry
9.29.2008 :: 1 Video
Roxxie and Jerry
Roxxie called us up one day and asked if we'd be interested in shooting her with Jerry, her friend. I think you can guess what our answer was. Hehe.
Anna on the Couch - Again!
09.22.2008 :: 89 Images
Anna on the Couch - again!
Her first visit to our couch was so much fun, she came back for another. Who were we to complain? We pulled out the cameras and starting shooting!
09.15.2008 :: 42 Images
Carmen Takes a Bath
When we were at Carmen's house, we asked if she would be willing to take a bath for us. She said yes!
Anna in the Kitchen
09.08.2008 :: 50 Images
Anna in the Kitchen
Two years after her first shoot, Anna is back, and this time she's hanging out in the studio kitchen. Such a cutie!
09.01.2008 :: 66 Images
Carmen, a Room, a Chair
We drove out to Carmen's house so we could spend part of a day shooting. We found an empty room and a chair and decided this was all we needed!
08.25.2008 :: 93 Images
Penny's Living Room
We've wanted to do a shoot with Penny for years and years. We were finally able to work it out one day, and showed up at her house to do it. We were not disappointed!
Brittney and Simone
08.18.2008 :: 16 Images
Brittney and Simone - Stills from their Video
Long lost images from our archive! These were some still images that were captured during the making of the popular Brittney and Simone video!
06.25.2006 :: 90 Images
Anna on the Couch
Anna found our site and wanted to be a JOS girl. She flew far for an amazing sexy photoshoot. She is a combination of a geeky and sexy. We loved shooting her.
Chanta Rose
05.14.2006 :: 70 Images
Chanta Rose on the Couch
Chanta Rose stopped by for a little photoshoot and boy were we happy to have her. She has a beautiful body and a VERY sweet ass!
11.14.2005 :: 65 Images
Pip In Bed
Pip contacted our site for her first EVER nude photo shoot. She is all natural and amazingly cute! She is a drummer for an Indie punk band. Hot!
11.7.2005 :: 1 Video
On Seven's Bed
We went over to Seven's house and took pictures of her in her very own room. In this set she's getting naked on her bed, just for us! (Well, and for you too.)
10.31.2005 :: 77 Images
At Cleis' House
Cleis invited us over to her house to shoot some pictures, and when we arrived, my first thought was "there's no way this innocent-looking nerdy girl is going to get all naked and naughty for our camera.
10.24.2005 :: 73 Images
Bedroom Violet
We took Violet into the bedroom so she could show us her cute bra and panties (which didn't match, and she asked us if that was a problem, and it was certainly NOT a problem!)
10.17.2005 :: 65 Images
Couchtime with Hollie
Cute and sexy Hollie gets naked and poses in the living room. Isn't she the cutest? I am particularly blown away by the perfectness of her breasts. Thankfully, she wears glasses - which, of course, make her even hotter.
10.10.2005 :: 62 Images
Her Own Bedroom
Seven gets naked in her bedroom, in front of her dresser, and an open window. Yes, this is actually her real bedroom. She invited us in to shoot these pictures. Such a crazy girl -- inviting US inside to shoot naked pictures! Ha!
10.03.2005 :: 75 Images
Maia On The Couch
Maia is 22 years-old. She's got an incredible body and, luckily, she's not afraid to show it off! In this set she's stripping down on the couch.
9.26.2005 :: 73 Images
Naked On The Couch
Violet is just all-around cute. Her long dark hair and her sexy body are enough to stop traffic, but her smile just kills me! Luckily for us, she smiles often. And even luckier for us all, she wears glasses.
9.19.2005 :: 73 Images
Bedroom Hollie
Hollie has an incredible body, don't you think? I think her nipples are really cool - just a slight bit puffy, sitting atop a pair of perfectly shaped breasts. She's also a really cool down-to-earth person. Oh, and she wears glasses too! Woo hoo!

.: Recently Updated Spexy Friends :.
Kristina Last Updated: 01.12.2006
About her: Kristina starts out very shy and watch as she warms up.
Barbara Last Updated: 12.01.2005
About her: Barbara is a sexy Leo who is very into adventure!
Patima Last Updated: 11.17.2005
About her: Patima is sexy and Athletic!
Cosette Last Updated: 10.13.2005
About her: Cute 23 year old from ATK.
Gabrielle Last Updated: 9.29.2005
About her: Gabrielle is fun, sexy and likes to live dangerously.
Chelsea Last Updated: 9.15.2005
About her: Sexy Gothic Babe from
Marianne Last Updated: 8.25.2005
About her: Marianne has long braided hair, glasses and a smile that lights up a room.
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Candy 'Candy's Bedroom' Images added
Candy 'Candy's Introduction' Video added (New Model!)
Carmen 'Carmen's Strip Tease' Video added
Chanta Rose 'Sexy Chanta Rose Talks Dirty' Video added
Anna 'Anna Demonstrates Her Addictive Toy' Video added
Pip 'Pip Gets Nekkid' Video added
Cleis 'Cleis Talks Nice, Then Gets Naughty' Video added
Carmen 'Tell Us What You Like, Carmen!' Video added
Anna 'Anna Gets Undressed, then Dressed Again' Video added
Penny 'Penny Talks' Video added
Pip 'Meeting Pip' Video added
Anna 'Our First Video with Anna' Video added
Cleis 'Cleis Shows Off' Video added
Chanta Rose 'Intro to Chanta Rose' Video added
Roxxie 'Roxxie and Jerry' Video added
Anna 'Anna on the Couch - again!' Images added
Carmen 'Carmen Takes a Bath' Images added
Anna 'Anna in the Kitchen' Images added
Carmen 'Carmen, a room, a chair' New Model added!
Penny 'Penny's Living Room' New Model added!
Brittney 'Brittney and Simone - Stills from their Video' Lost pictures found!
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'JoyofSpex, vol 3' (DVD / VHS)

The third volume in our first DVD series is now available! Super sexy Alexis talks dirty and masturbates, Madison teases us as any kinky girlfriend would, and huge-breasted Brittney in some hot lesbian action with Simone.

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DVD: JoyofSpex, Vol. 1
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Madison Madison
Age: 22
Glasses: -4
Measurements: 32A-??-??
Sexual Pref: Pan-sexual

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